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Supporting Somos Amigos

To ensure the success of students, community and family support is essential in helping your child's school thrive. Here are ways to support future generations of Amigos!

Noche Latina

Since 2004, Noche Latina has been the Somos Amigos annual fundraising event organized the the Somos Amigos Parents' Club.

We will host our next Noche Latina event April 14th to the 24th. Fundraising & website details will be forthcoming early 2023. Stay tuned!

To our Somos Amigos Familia,


We kindly ask all Somos Amigos parents and students (early education, after school and adult programs) as we work together to make this year’s fundraiser a growing success. Somos Amigos teachers and SAPC request your participation in one of the following ways: 


1) Have or know a business who can donate?!? We’re searching great products, services, food, tours, excursions, rentals, or whatever’s clever that you think will auction well!! Donated items will be showcased in our auction either as their own or bundled with other donated items. Please complete the attached donation request form for all donations. This form is vital in tracking donations and ensuring donors get the acknowledgment they deserve throughout the fundraiser. Donations can be dropped off at Somos Amigos by March 01, 2023. 


2) Monetary donation. Suggested $300. Make checks payable to Somos Amigos Spanish Immersion School with a note “for fundraiser”; give to Maestra Karim or Maestra Denise. All donations will go specifically to Noche Latina Fundraiser.


For those who are not yet familiar with Noche Latina, this annual fundraiser assists the upkeep and extracurricular allowance of Somos Amigos. From new floors, patio equipment, cubbies, chairs, and special project supplies for all ages.


The link below is our donation request letter with more information on fundraiser goals as well as tax ID number for donors. 


Please contact Tara Nelson at for questions.  

Muchas Gracias!

Somos Amigos Parent Club

Somos Amigos Parents' Club

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