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Supporting Somos Amigos

To ensure the success of students, community and family support is essential in helping your child's school thrive. Here are ways to support future generations of Amigos!

Noche Latina

Since 2004, Noche Latina has been the Somos Amigos annual fundraising event organized the the Somos Amigos Parents' Club.

We will host our next Noche Latina event late spring 2023. Fundraising website details will be forthcoming early 2023. Stay tuned!


May 01, 2022

Dear Donors, 

Thank you for your support, again, this year. This would not have been possible without the support of community members and business/owners such as yourself. 

And to the Somos Familia, I am wholeheartedly thankful for the total success of Noche Latina. This would have not being possible if we didn’t have the support, engagement of all the parents.


I am pleased to announce that we met our 10K goal even after all deductions. We will be donating 5% to Catholic Social Services - The Clare House. 


Thank you to Amanda Doughty for flyers and marketing, Colleen Hill for donors outreach, Candice Delgado, Toni Walsh for helping with organization of donations.


A big thank you thank you to Tara Nelson for organizing, coordinating and putting together the website for NOCHE LATINA

Con gratitud, 

Maestra Karim

Somos Amigos Parents' Club

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