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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a tuition cost to attend?


Somos Amigos is a private school. Tuition will be dependent upon the session you are interested in. For more details, please contact our directors, Maestra Karim or Maestra Denise.


When does the school year start and end?


Although Somos Amigos is a private school. Classes begin the first week day following Labor Day and End the last weekday of May.


How much is taught in Spanish versus English?


100% of the instructional day is taught in Spanish. 


Does the school provide lunch?


No, students will need to bring their own lunch along with a water bottle, both labeled with their name


Are students required to wear uniforms?


At this time Somos Amigos does not have a dress code, however, we ask preschool students to wear their Somos Amigos T-shirts (one T-shirt is include in the registration fee).

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