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Los Patitos

2 Years


Los Pollitos

3 Years


Las Abejitas

4 & 5 Years



AGES 2 to 5 Years 

The perfect window of opportunity for children in their early childhood to start or improve their Spanish Language and get their chance to be bilingual.

Somos Amigos Spanish Immersion School also offers a full Spanish immersion preschool, which it means that the instruction and fun activities are conducted entirely in Spanish. 

The Early Childhood preschool provides an immersion educational, rich and unique curriculum that focuses on Spanish language and will offer your student/child with many advantages at an early age. 

Our preschool program is committed to advancing our students’ cognitive and social development; all in a stimulating, creative and nurturing environment.

The curriculum is delivered through hands-on learning, exploring, creativity, auditory, visual, kinesthetic and we pay close attention to the learning style and unlimited potential of every student. Somos Amigos preschool curriculum focuses on the following:                                                                                           

  1. Math skills

  2. Literacy skills

  3. Fine and Large motor skills

  4. Science Skills

  5. Social Studies 

  6. Social/Emotional awareness

  7. Art

  8. Music and dancing

  9. Puppet shows

  10. Lots of Movement

  11. Cultural understanding

Children become familiar with letters in Spanish and build greater fluency through guided listening and speaking activities. This class has a strong focus on building confidence in speaking, consideration of others in listening, and collaboration of ideas between peers.


Somos Amigos offers 5 and 3 day programs with full-time:

Full-time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m

Early Drop Off Option: 8:00 a.m.



Our school is dedicated to providing a healthy and safe environment for the students and employees that enter our school every day. As for health safety, we need your support is needed to prevent the spread of germs. Each person responds and reacts differently to sickness, so please be advised that the staff may need to send a sick student home. Everyone is encourage to stay at home if they seems listless, unusually irritable, achy, is feverish, or seems to be unusually pale or flushed. It is better to be overcautious than to risk exposing the rest of the children and staff. 

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