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Somos Amigos Parents' Club

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SAPC is an enthusiastic group of Early Education parent volunteers who work diligently to promote the welfare of students and the mission of the school. SAPC is so much more than a collective effort to offset the costs of programs and resources. SAPC is a very important support system. With dedicated parent involvement, SAPC is an integral part of creating a positive and nurturing school environment for students, families, teachers, and directors. SAPC coordinates Cafecito Alegre, monthly playdates, teacher appreciation week, yearbook design and distribution & organizes the annual Noche Latina Silent Auction Fundraiser.

We value the service and contributions every person provides to SAPC and Somos Amigos. During the school year, there will be numerous opportunities for volunteering to support school programs. Join SAPC and be a part of Somos Amigos' success story.


For more information, please email to get information about our next meeting and plans for the coming months.

Somos Amigos Spanish Immersion School captures the essence of "Somos Amigos." SAPC is here to support our students' experiences and emulate a "Somos Familia" atmosphere.

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