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Hola, me llamo Amanda and I run SAPC. I have three kiddos at Somos Amigos; Rudi (5) started in Pollitos with Maestra Martha and is now in the after-school program Buenas Tardes with Maestra Denise, Hendrix (3) will be in Abejitas this year, and Cassius "Cashito" with Maestra Arlin in Patitos. When looking for childcare, we came across Somos Amigos and I am glad we did. I am Hispanic and did not grow up in Spanish speaking household. I wanted to provide my children the opportunity to appreciate the language and culture my family comes from. Almost three years later, I cannot say enough great things about Somos Amigos. Mis niños love their friends and Maestras. The Maestras have great communication, know when the kids are sick [before you do] and love the kids like they are familia. I have already observed my kids value their friendship at Somos Amigos, and appreciate language and culture. I know my children will be ready for kindergarten and have friends for a lifetime. This has made is super easy to give back to the school through SAPC. I look forward to meeting everyone this Fall 2021!

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Amanda Doughty

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