Our Policy

We believe communication is the key to every child’s success and to  a parent-teacher-director relationship. Success depends on establishing an effective partnership between home and school. We are eager to hear your thoughts, comments, and  your concerns as well. The best way to contact us is emailing or by calling the Director.


Over the course of Somos Amigos history, parent volunteering has been instrumental in supporting the school needs and student experience. Parental involvement fosters a healthy and engaged community and benefits your child’s experience and educational environment. We recognize that our parents are often our best resource for improving school. We are asking for every parent to volunteer at least 5 hours every school year. Opportunities for parent involvement include Somos Amigos Parents’ Club. See the Somos Amigos Parents' Club for more details.

A long-term commitment is essential for children to experience the great benefits an immersion education yields. Parents can support their child in these ways:

  • Develop an understanding of immersion education

  • Provide experiences outside of school to develop English language skills

  • Encourage the use of the second language outside of school

  • Most importantly, make sure your child attends school everyday

  • Volunteer at the school and in your child's class

About our Payment Schedule

Monthly tuition is due the 1st of each month, no later than the 3rd day of each month.

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